Render Farm

My Current Stats and Availability
Total Jobs Rendering / Available:4 / 500
Total Nodes Rendering / Available:271 / 405
Total Frames Waiting / Rendered:550 / 6087
Average CPU Time Per Frame:0 hr 6 min 35 secs
Total Users Today:22
Total CPU Time:27 days 20 hr 38 min 33 secs
Today's CPU Champion:Deji A Morrison / 16 days 19 hr

My News

2013 Renderfarm Upgrades:
We recently completed a major overhaul of the render farm hardware.
  • We added 51 new high-density dedicated Dell C6220 servers each with 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2650 CPUs and 32 GB of RAM.
  • The Dell's now provide 1600 GB of RAM and 816 CPU cores of dedicated rendering power for a total 936 total dedicated cores.
  • We added a new server with 24 Gbps of network connectivity to handle network renderering. It has 192GB of RAM and a 1.2 TB Fusioni-IO SSD to store active render jobs.
  • This has allowed us to increase the maximum project size from 2GB to 50GB with larger projects available during breaks and summer quarter.
  • We also expanded the job queue so new jobs can be submitted for rendering even when there is a large backlog of jobs.
  • Students with projects requiring large amounts of RAM can now choose to have the frames rendered only on the new dedicated nodes.
  • My Policies

    I have limited space to store files rendered locally after completion. Students are asked to remove jobs and projects immediately after completion. Files not removed within a 24 hour period from the initial submission time may be deleted so that others can use the render farm.

    These limits are subject to change and may be reduced towards the end of the quarter to accomodate the heavier load.

    Maximum Running Frames / Student: 2000
    Maximum Project Size: 50 GB
    Maximum Simultaneous Jobs / Student: 1
    Disk Quota: 50 GB

    My Software

    Autodesk Maya 2016/2015
    Pixar Renderman 20
    SideFX Houdini 13,14

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